PARIS Technologies: Simplifying Data-Driven Decision Making

PARIS Technologies: Simplifying Data-Driven Decision Making

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Bruce R. Robinson, Vice President, PARIS TechnologiesBruce R. Robinson, Vice President
Strategies to plan future business investments and ongoing growth require an in-depth knowledge of the revenue and the sales metrics of the past along with expert data management techniques— an understanding not easily gleaned from old-school methodologies. Duane Presti, a management industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience, believes in optimizing processes like budgeting, strategic planning, and forecasting that affect a business model from the core. To improve the profitability and productivity of organizations, and to give them a solution to many of their data-related problems, he founded PARIS Technologies International in 1997. PARIS’ mission is to create collaborative business intelligence and easy-to-use data management software applications that enable quick data access and seamless data-driven decision making. “We developed a technology that allows people to model the business with a special kind of analytical database. It provides the ability to interface unique PARIS capabilities with end user tools, as well as traditional relational database systems. We can deal with history, and at the same time deal with the future planning cycle. We call this blended planning capability “Visionary Intelligence,” Presti explains.

PARIS Technologies is a data management and business intelligence software company—the name PARIS is an acronym for Planning, Analytics, Reporting Information Systems. The combination of superior executive tools, a collaborative data model and rapid deployment provides PARIS customers with unusually quick ROIs.

We bring an unprecedented ROI through fast implementation, and make the budgeting/ planning process more graceful, collaborative, meaningful, and responsive

PARIS facilitates integration with a variety of data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA, to deliver data in real time to end-user applications for reporting, planning, and analysis.

Transactional systems are collaborative, but personal productivity tools like Excel, dashboard products, etc., are not. To overcome their shortcomings, PARIS has developed a groundbreaking product—Olation®, a f lexible and robust data management system for live data distribution from multiple data sources that unifies data sources, applications, and most importantly, the people that use them.

It bridges the gap between relational and analytical databases, empowering end-users with access to the data they need for reporting financial and operational data, as well as for dynamically responsive planning applications. Olation improves the existing skill-set of data managers and end-users, whose preference is for Excel, dashboards and other like tools, by providing automatic updates from all kinds of organizational data sources. The PARIS web application, Leonardo®, allows users to publish live reports and dashboards, as well as “write back” to planning solutions, from the web and mobile devices. The result is an online collaborative environment that leverages all technologies—Visionary Intelligence at its best. Apart from software solutions—available on premise or via tailored, quick-rollout SaaS solutions—PARIS also provides consulting, technical support, and training services.

Started as an R&D project, PARIS Technologies has been a key player in transforming the business software environment for over 16 years, providing solutions in the retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, construction and manufacturing sectors. “We bring an unprecedented return on investment with our fast implementation techniques, making budgeting and planning process more graceful, collaborative, meaningful, and highly responsive,” asserts Presti.

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PARIS Technologies

Doylestown, PA

Bruce R. Robinson, Vice President

PARIS Technologies develops and delivers software solutions that provide the highest levels of connectivity, collaboration, and governance—connectivity across database systems; collaboration among users with their tool of choice (Excel, BI products, web, mobile); governance of secure, single-source, non-proprietary data models. For over 20 years, the enterprise has worked with customers around the world to implement exceptional Planning, Analytics, Reporting Information Systems—the PARIS acronym. The enterprise’s solutions lead to unprecedented gains in productivity, transforming data into actionable knowledge, and providing critical insights to crucial staff up to the C-suite. Additionally, the enterprise’s products are graceful, powerful and robust, and make business intelligence dynamically available in the tools people prefer to use