Solver: Budgeting and Forecasting Made Easier

Solver: Budgeting and Forecasting Made Easier

CIO VendorMatt Felzke, Communications & Event Marketing Manager
Most organizations have multiple data sources. Bringing together these diverse data types offers a more complete picture that helps them make better-informed decisions. Solver’s BI360 suite includes a powerful budgeting, forecasting, and modeling solution that helps companies make these difficult decisions.

Offering a choice of Excel- and web-based data entry methods for end users, there is a familiarity to BI360. However, it doesn’t fall short like homegrown Excel models do in terms of what it delivers. Excel’s deficiency contributes to the three main challenges businesses face that Solver set out to solve: managing multiple data sources, user-friendly interfaces for entering budgeting data, and automation that brings together multiple data sources.

“What we’re seeing is that there’s a lot of newer types of data that are becoming relevant, making planning and decision-making sharper,” states Matt Felzke, Communications and Events Marketing Manager at Solver. “For us, we are focused on building user-friendly solutions that business users can manage.”

Building is exactly what Solver has focused on for over 20 years. “Our goal is to be the best at what we do,” says Felzke. “In terms of budgeting, we want any information user in a client’s organization to get into our product and be able to use it without a lot of training or IT involvement.”

User-friendliness is key, and BI360 offers it through its Excel and web portal interfaces. Many companies like this because they always enjoyed the ease of Excel, but the program is not as primitive as Excel for enterprise deployments. Nonetheless, Felzke adds, “The budgeting and reporting templates themselves are designed in Excel, so the interface is familiar in terms of formatting and formulas for building out budgets, forecasts, and reports.”

We listen to pain areas and incorporate those things into a smarter, more accessible, dynamic, and powerful product

The web-based interface allows users to log in to the BI360 portal from a browser and via the internet. “We want to enable easy access through the web portal,” comments Felzke. The platform can be configured by business users, giving employees the flexibility they need to make BI360 work for them rather than them having to conform to the software. Organizations must gather and present a lot of structured and unstructured data in a coherent way. BI360 makes this possible, as it has modules that generate reports and allow for budgeting with workflow, customizable and coherent dashboards, and a flexible data warehouse. Felzke states, “The portal is driven by apps instead of separate platforms for each area. These modules are apps that are available within the portal for easy installation and customization.”

In regards to integrating into existing systems, Solver makes sure that the BI360 system speaks to the customer’s existing system. The company provides integration and data management. Right now, it is in the final phases of launching a public cloud deployment option, giving organizations even more flexibility in how they access the platform and store data.

In one case, a client came to Solver wanting to streamline reporting and perform more sophisticated budgeting. The platform was implemented in just seven days and tied directly to their ERP system. The client went from a manual budgeting process to something that was accessible, self-service, and more automated and integrated. The client gained a pre-built product while also having full customization.

As for the future, Solver is going to continue its movement to the cloud. It will also spread out around the globe and add to its current 10 international locations. The company credits this ability to expand to the lifeblood of the business, which is client feedback and reseller partnerships. “We listen to pain areas and incorporate those things into a smarter, more accessible, dynamic, and powerful product,” concludes Felzke.