Syntellis Performance Solutions: Blending Culture and Strategy to Enhance Enterprise...

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Syntellis Performance Solutions: Blending Culture and Strategy to Enhance Enterprise Performance

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Flint Brenton, CEO, Syntellis Performance Solutions, Syntellis Performance SolutionsFlint Brenton, CEO, Syntellis Performance Solutions
There is no doubt that a well-built strategy defines and drives key organizational decisions. But just building a strategy does not serve the purpose if organizations fail to foster a culture to support it. Flint Brenton probably understands this better than anyone else. With a highly successful track record of helming highgrowth companies for nearly two decades, he has witnessed first-hand how businesses struggle owing to their inability to nurture an appropriate culture. That’s why, today, as the CEO at Syntellis Performance Solutions, Brenton’s primary objective is to align strategy, capabilities, and culture for the continuous enhancement of the company’s enterprise performance management software, data and analytics solutions. “There is an intimate link between culture and strategy. All the compelling and exciting strategies might fail to deliver the desired outcome if the organizational culture does not support it. Conversely, you may have a great culture template but the inability to rightly strategize might lead to failure,” explains Brenton.

At its core, Syntellis offers Axiom and Connected Analytics software that helps healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions streamline their financial planning and analysis (FP&A). “Axiom is the single source of truth that organizations need to understand what’s happening within their businesses. We provide forecast data, information, and reports to leadership to make them agile, effective, and efficient in budgets. It allows them to redefine annual plan targets and optimize performance.” As a result, customers can adapt to real-time market scenarios, acquire insights, facilitate better-informed decisions, and advance business objectives. What’s more, Axiom can integrate data from any source and help reduce planning cycles as well as unify planning processes to reshape clients’ financial targets even during crises.

“What really shapes us and makes us unique is our reliance on the data. We collect both operational and strategic data and leverage our proprietary machine learning model to provide data insights that CFOs, CIOs, and CEOs can use to make better decisions,” Brenton adds.

An integral part of the Axiom enterprise performance management suite is Comparative Analytics that helps organizations enhance their operations and financial performance with extensive and accurate benchmarking data. It allows hospitals and health systemsto improve performance and facilitate cost conversions while ensuring a healthy bottom line. “That’s not all! Comparative Analytics also allows clients to identify critical business areas, compare financial and operational performance metrics against market peers, and increase the overall ROI,” prides Brenton. With such unmatched capabilities, Syntellis has played a pivotal role in several scenarios since its inception. For instance, the Axiom Healthcare Suite helps radiology department managers to mitigate the impact of the rapidly changing time-based labor availability on their department’s quality and productivity. By harvesting Axiom’s Clinical and Comparative Analytics data and presenting a correlation between productivity changes and quality measures, Axiom reduces labor costs by 15 percent and improves the care quality by 25 to 30 percent. For financial entities, Axiom plays a vital role in strengthening their budget by changing the value they place on different variables. It also improves the accuracy of forecasts and provides operational guidance to the executives, helping them make better decisions. Finally, when it comes to the higher education sector, Axiom assists colleges and universities in improving operational and financial performance and planning. It is done by bringing together data from across campus including enrolment, tuition, and employment information to inform and improve visibility into critical processes such as capital planning, budgeting, strategic financial planning, long-range planning, and more.

Forging the unique capabilities of such a comprehensive solution with Brenton’s strategic leadership, Syntellis today has emerged as a leader in its niche market. Going forward, the company plans on augmenting the solution by creating actionable insights from clients’ business-related data. “Currently, we’re the only player in the financial performance management market that’s combining strategic and operational data to create insights to dramatically increase clients’ efficiency. We’re on our way to change the industry inside out and to do that, we’re continually modernizing Axiom,” Brenton concludes.

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Syntellis Performance Solutions

Syntellis Performance Solutions

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Flint Brenton, CEO, Syntellis Performance Solutions

Syntellis Performance Solutions provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data, and analytics solutions for healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions.